Jaap Eising

Postdoctoral researcher at ETH.

Hi! I'm a researcher, broadly interested in the field of mathematical systems and control theory. Currently I work in at the IfA at ETH Zürich. Before that, I was a researcher in Jorge Cortes' group at UC San Diego. I obtained my Ph.D. at the University of Groningen under the supervision of Kanat Camlibel and Harry Trentelman.

At the moment I'm mainly focused on data-driven control and optimization. In particular I work on developing direct methods in line with the viewpoint of the informativity framework for both, thus avoiding the use of learning or identification.


My work can most easily be found on both Google Scholar and Arxiv.

Some recent news

May 2023: Early Access.

Our paper developing data-driven stabilization results for ARMA models has been accepted and is available as early access! .

April 2023: SoCal Controls Workshop.

I presented some preliminary work on data-based optimization and an appliction to safe control at the 41st Southern California Controls Workshop at UC Santa Barbara.

January 2023: Paper submitted!

In a new paper, we've provided the first conditions for informativity on the basis of continuous time measurements. Moreover, we show that only under suitable assumptions on the signals do samples of these measurements provide any useable information. In particular, under such conditions we characterize the relation between margins of stability. This allows us to determine for which sampling rate the resulting sampled data contains the same relevant information as the continuous signal.

Contact Me

I'm happy to receive any questions, ideas and other messages at jaapeising92 [at] gmail [dot] com. Feel free to contact me if you want to exchange ideas.